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Mitoyo-seiko co., ltd is the global company which provides various assembly and screws such as automobile components, office automation components, communication equipment for the base of industry and life. We are integrated with plan, development and technical departments, and are create new value by new concept and new material and advanced technology.

Our strong point

Our competitive price with original network including overseas bases.

Total support your request by more than 300 subcontractors.

Obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. To improve quality and environment.


Automobile component, Office automation component,
Communication equipment

Product introduction

Mitoyo-seiko co., ltd provides automobile sheet frame and office automation components such as camera, VTR, copy machine as sub-assembly unit supporting many customers.


Lathe machine, Forming processing, Die-casting parts,
Press sheet metal parts, etc.

About our technology

We have superior technical know-how in the whole industry process such as metal cutting, resin molding, sewing and cutting, surface treatment and heat treatment. It is our strong point.
If you have any trouble for process, please inform us.


Company Introduction


Mitoyo-seiko co., ltd.
〒 192-0045 2-21-8, Owadamachi, Hachioji-city, Tokyo, Japan

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Quality control and Environmental conservation



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