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Message from President

In the big milestone of the age such as industrial conversion to the sustainable society and rapid growth of the Asian market, it is changing time for us to play an important part in the social. We started business with production of screws and changed to production and sales automobile and computer components.


A new challenge to use of our industry leading technology in global market is required while production base of automobile shifts to China, the Southeast Asian countries. In addition, electric and hybrid vehicles bring big change to technology and components, and it is our big mission to meet such customer's needs.


On the other hand, computer components which are required high precision is our familiar field even today when Asian companies with competitive price gain power. And we make partnership agreement with world major companies. But we must keep in mind to go one step ahead of the age, as it is the world of rapid change. Our focusing business area is environmental business.


We have obtained ISO14001 to contribute for environment and taking a way as the company in consideration for environment. However, what we can do is limited. We consider that we can find the value for new idea in every possibility and can contribute for environment.


We want to create the age of the new environment with customers. It is our wish.


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