Product introduction

Automobile sheet componets

Hot staking processing


Monolithic molding wire and resin


Partial ablation by laser


NC forming processing




Assembly (resin casting, header pin, line spring)


Assembly (pressing, header pin, coil spring, urethane and swaging)

Sheet slide rail for automobile

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Back lamp switch

Back lamp switch

We manage various components such as resin / pressed parts / header / rubber, and provide integrated processing. And we also conduct various detailed examination including continuity check and leak test.

Case cover


Case cover (Aluminum die-casting)
It is the case for the base station established outdoors. We can provide integrated processing such as die casting, machining, chemical conversion coating. It is produced in China and imported to Japan. Blowhole and visual inspection are also available.

Rear base


Rear base (Precision press / Assembly)
We can provide the ultra thin DVD drive components with integrated processing from precision pressing to assembly. It is produced in China and we can deliver to your place. We can provide integrated processing service from machining to assembly.

Resin traversing (Injection molding)

Resin traversing

Resin traversing (Injection molding)
We succeeded weight saving and cost reduction by changing metal parts to resin. We can suggest materials with your request in considering strength and machinability. It is produced in China and deliver to your place. We conduct total inspection including flatness.

Aluminum extrusion molding

Aluminum extrusion moldingAluminum extrusion molding

Aluminum extrusion is available in both of Japan and China. Production of precision components such as cooling fan or large printer components is possible. The maximum size of work piece is up to 6m

GHP (gas heat pump) compressor

GHP (gas heat pump) compressor