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GHP (gas heat pump) compressor


Gunma factory is the main manufacturing facility which integrated production of GHP compressor. We have been machining and grinding the compressor's central components and can measure the several microns of accuracy. We have long experience which cultivated with GHP compressor. If you have request of high accuracy, please inform us.


What is GHP ?
It is abbreviated word of "Gas Heat Pump Air Conditioner".
It is air conditioning system with heat pump which has compressor operated by gas engine.
The difference from electric heat pump air-conditioner (EHP) is operating system with electric motor or gas engine. Indoor unit and operation method are completely same as GHP type.

How to cool or heat the room by GHP?

Material has a property which absorbs surrounding heat to accomplish liquid gasitication and bringsheat to accomplish liquidation.
GHP uses this characteristic. It circulates coolant by compressor which is operated with a gas engine, and alternates between vaporization and liquefaction forcibly (heat pump cycle), and cool or heat the room.


Our facilities

Machining equipment


Specially grinding machine


Oval grinding machine


Internal grinding machine


NC lathe machine


Specially cutting machine


Machining center


Assembly line


Specially press machine


1Ton Air press



Testing equipment


Airtight testing equipment


Discharge pressure analyzer


Measuring facilities


Roundness measuring instrument


Surface roughness measuring instrument


Shape measuring machine


Image measuring machine


Three-dimensional measuring machine


Air micrometer


Process to shipping

Process to shipping

Main facilities list

MakerName of machineCat.noNumber
OKK Corp. Machining center VM43R 1
FANUC Machining center α-D21MiA5 1
Toyo seiki Machining center TVT30 2
Nissei industry Surface grinding machine VP-4S 1
TAIYO KOKI Oval grinding machine NVG-4C 1
NIPPON MEKTRON Machining center  MTB-T460  1 
FANUC Machining center α-T14iA 1
TAIYO KOKI End face grinding machine EGV-3N 1
TAIYO KOKI Internal grinding machine IGV-1N 1
Tsugami NC lathe machine PL-3B 1
Sugino Machining center V15 1
FUNUC Machining center α-D21MiB5 2
Kitamura Machining center My center0 1
Miyano Automatic NC lathe machine BND-51S2 1
Shinsei Two spindle milling machine RT-2M 1
Obata spirit machine Slotting milling machine PK-04-4 1
NACH-FUJIKOSHI Automatic broaching machine SV-5-9 1
Tsugami Manually-operated spline rolling machine T-RDL15 1
Tsugami Automatic spline rolling machine R15A 1
Okamoto machine tool Slit grinding machine SPG-63 2
TAIYO KOKI Slit grinding machine CGN25/60 1
SEIKO SEIKI Cylindrical grinding machine SCG30L 3
SII Corner chamfering machine CBW14 1
OBATA R processing machine   1
Daisho Width grinding machine GMV-380G2 1
Toho koki Centrifugal barrel polishing machine TAB-304 1
BROTHER Machining center S700X1  6
Cleanvy Cleaning equipment FVWH3-5070DVC 1
JAM 5Ton Servo press SBP505AE
Fuji control 1Ton Air press QCP-2-10KN-03 1
Mitutoyo Three-dimensional measuring instrument CRYSTA-APEX S544 1
Mitutoyo Roundness measuring instrument RA424 1
Mitutoyo Contour form measuring instrument CS411 1
TOKYO SEIMITSU Surface roughness measuring instrument SURFCOM2800E-24 1


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